Pazuzu Algarad: NC’s Devil Worshipping Cannibal/Murderer

I’m late on this one but I figure this story was too much to just give up. The story that I’m about to tell takes place in Clemmons NC, which is about one hour from where I live. This man, Pazuzu Algarad (the loser formerly known as John Lawson) along with his girlfriend Amber Burch were arrested in 2014 for their part in the murder of two men found buried in Pazuzu’s garden. Oh yeah, Paz made the claim that he enjoyed cannibalizing his victims.


Ok, before we get further let’s talk about Pazuzu. Yeah this wanna-be devil worshipper took the name of the Assyrian demon who was used to possess Linda Blair’s character in the Exorcist and of course he filed his teeth to points with a Dremel tool but only a fucking idiot would fall for this whole Satanic act. I have spent a significant amount of time researching this twat and after going through his social media and viewing the inside of his house I find a man who was obsessed with Rob Zombie horror movies and other cartoony occultism. This is not the anti-christ many in the bible belt made him out to be, but rather a fucking child drawing pentagrams on his notebook.

Ah look at Paz at such a tender age. Notice the Cradle of Filth shirt (don’t worry man, I made the mistake of rocking one in the 1990’s too). He is obviously older in the next picture and rocks the dreads and looking like a burnt out stoner like James Franco in Pineapple Express (hardly intiminating).


He gets older, adds tattoos and apparently he became lost in his own identity. This little fuck wad wasn’t devoted to the devil, he was devoted to being something. He was a legend in his own mind and over the years he began to spiral out of control. He kept setting the bar higher trying to prove himself.

In 2010 he was convicted of accessory after the fact in the murder of Joseph Emmrick Chandler and what did the state decide was a fitting punishment? He received a suspended sentence. He was set free for his involvement in a murder!

Paz told psychiatrists that he had practiced a Sumerian religion that involved the monthly sacrifice of a small animal. He said he would have to perform the ritual during what he called the “black moon” and had asked if he could leave so he could perform it.

Now keep this in mind. He was arrested and convicted in 2010. The death of Joshua Wetzler and Tommy Welch took place in July and October 2009. We know that Paz killed Wetzler with a bullet to the head and his girlfriend Amber killed Welch by shooting him seven times. A third person, Krystal Matlock had helped Paz bury the first body. In 2010 there was a search conducted at Paz’s house where dogs were used, they didn’t discover the two bodies in the back yard from a year prior!

Now later I will show you what the house looked like in 2014 but first lets look at this post from 2013 in a thread about his 2010 arrest.


Now this is 2013. I am assuming that this Nate Nefarious had been there before the comment made, and he was in fact friends with Paz on his Facebook account and being from Winston-Salem he wasn’t too far away. This is Nate Nefarious.


And did you see that he posted to have eaten flesh in 2014, around the time Paz was arrested. Seems fitting. Looking through Nate’s page looks like he has a decent life with a wife and kids now, nothing worth mentioning.

So we know that before 2013 the house of Paz was a revolting hellhole. Now on the day of his arrest this is what the house looked like.

In this house there was trash everywhere, animal carcasses, childish “satanic” graffiti and an overwhelming stench of piss and trash. Now maybe it got worse over the years but I have a hard time believing that this place looked much better in 2010. How the fuck could this place have been searched and not condemned? How the fuck did the dogs not discover the recently buried corpses of Wetzler and Welch in the back fucking yard? I think these keystone cops really fucked up.



Now let’s look a little into his girl Amber “Bubbles”. That’s her nickname. What’s more Satanic than taking the name of a Powerpuff Girl?

Bubbles really doesn’t seem to fit in here. She was a girl from SC who apparently went to Church until she moved in with Paz.


I mean everything I have heard about this girl is a typical Southern upbringing. Her friends back home were completely shocked when they found out about her involvement. Of course she has claimed Paz physical and mental abuse and blah, blah, blah. Listen, there are many of people who have had fucked up and abusive lives, I sure have, but we don’t go out and kill people and live in shitty rotting houses. Amber you’re just like Paz, a fucking piece of shit. You don’t get to play victim years later just because you happened to finally get caught.

Of course friends of the deadly duo have claimed that Paz had told them for years about the bodies in the back yard but didn’t believe him. If this is true that says a whole lot about the image that Paz was putting on. This isn’t a man who is psychotic, nor is he evil, or even a real Satanist for that matter. Paz was nothing more than a junkie idiot who used his “evil” image to increase and feed his stupid fucking ego. Amber, she was just a repressed Christian who fell for the piss stinking bad boy with Satan tattoos.

Another thing worth noting is that 2009 was their murder year. Of course people will speculate more victims but there wasn’t. Paz killed one and Amber killed one and then that was the end of it. We don’t know why they did it. Maybe it was drugs, maybe a drunken argument…who knows. What I do know is that they didn’t kill again. Why? That is because they are not psychopathic like they want people to think. They are attention starved cum stains who are legends in their own minds.

After a brief search online I found Paz’s Facebook which is wide open. After his 2014 arrest the comments just kept rolling in. His last post is fucking gold.


And of course many had to comment on it. Here are some of the highlights.


His mother was finding him blood and buying him sacrifices? I don’t know, maybe, but this sounds more like rumors and a chance for Bianca to swoop in and claim to “know this psycho”. I mean I just don’t see this girl hanging out and smoking crack with Paz in his piss stinking house.



Oh my fucking god, THIS is scary. I knew that the crazy Jesus freaks would certainly come out and find a reason to scare us all to the cross. He has a real fucking demon people! I mean, how can you not believe this fucking twit?



You go Betty. She calls it like it is.


Wow, more of these delusional christians looking for demons in real life to justify their reason for going to church on Sundays. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE FUCKING NEED. Get the torches and tie the ropes, we are getting ready for another witch hunt!


Ashley is my kind of girl. She is tired of the whole “I’m crazy” cuddly defense. Fuck him, he’s a worthless fuck face attention whore. If he was molested that is obviously fucked up but does this give you a lifelong pass at being a douchebag?


“Putting himself straight on a path of destruction which is what he wanted.” I couldn’t of said it better myself. This guy wins no matter what in his mind. If he gets caught fuck it, the news will have a field day with this story, especially in the bible belt. He was a fucking loser, now he’s a celebrity and in prison his reputation will continue to grow among the inmate population.



I like this. Paul goes in and talks about how the system isn’t to blame but then Roger comes back and explains why it is to blame. They let him free during the 2010 murder, however, truth is this wouldn’t have prevented anything since the other two killings took place in 2009.


Ashley has stated that Amber was a crackhead. I think it’s safe to assume Paz smoked the stem as well. When you already had an identity crisis and you add crack-cocaine you really can spiral into a pit of madness. Crack makes the user feel almost god-like bliss for a few moments followed by hours of mental instability. This also can explain the hygiene problems and the state of the house.


So Brittany has kind of shed some light into the enigma of Paz. She writes that he wasn’t like this ten years ago. She says that the house was not like this. This was written in 2014 so going back to 2004 we can imagine a much different man, perhaps the James Franco reference I made earlier. This man’s nose dive into depravity was his desperate attempt to hold onto the one thing that defined him, the image, and he needed to continue to push the boundaries and reinforce this alter ego.


Rhiannon is dead on here. She calls him out as the moron attention seeker that he really was. Don’t blame Satanism, demons, molestation, mothers, drugs, mental illness…blame this man for the actions that he took.


Danielle attacks Brittany even though she simply was discussing how Paz used to be. She didn’t say anything sticking up for this shit head but Danielle is furious because Paz ate her cousin.

Now I did check into Danielle and she really is the cousin of  Welch and apparently I gather from reports that the two were close. I certainly feel for Danielle but the problem is that she turns her comment into a fucking joke. She condemns the man for killing her cousin and then throws in a joke about how instead of eating her cousin he now must eat “nasty ass” prison food. She even tosses in a “lol” for good measure.


Now I don’t know what was said because obviously Jeremy McCoy was too chickenshit to leave his original comment up but apparently he wished rape on Beth’s four year old all the while claiming that he was a Christian. I am not sure what led up to this but I’d keep an eye on Mr. McCoy.

Then you got the ones who fall in love with piss stinking cannibals with shitty tats.


She’s just typical attention trash from Poland, nothing really worth mentioning exists on her profile. Then there’s Skylar who is looking for a nice satanic anal pounding.


This man is from Germany and now resides in Pasadena California where he works for a clothing line called Sugar High which sells shit like this


Most of the 400+ comments went on with arguments way off topic. Then I saw this…


He was moved to central prison because he tried to eat his own arm? This is outrageous and must be a joke. I mean, this sounds like a bad episode of the HBO show OZ. Then on October 28, 2015 Paz committed suicide.



Ok, I get the 4/20 joke but contain yourself Adam. Comment back when you have something constructive to add

pazuzu38At first I thought that Adam had been pulling my dick until I read the autopsy report.

The report said Algarad, who died Oct. 28 at Central Prison in Raleigh, was found in a pool of blood on a bed in his cell. Prison officials said he died of an apparent suicide and he was pronounced dead at 4:20 a.m., close to an hour and a half after prison officials discovered him.
The autopsy report said Algarad had an incised wound on the upper part of his left arm, at the pit of his elbow. The report said Algarad had a perforation of the left brachial artery, a major blood vessel.
Algarad also had superficial incised wounds on his left chest, left arm and scalp. He also had rib fractures that came from prison officials trying to revive him, the autopsy report said.
According to the autopsy report, medical examiners received several items that prison officials seized from Algarad’s cell. Those included an electric razor and a clear, unlabeled bottle filled with red fluid. Algarad also had filed his teeth into points.
Did you catch that. There were no blades, no shanks, nothing which could have inflicted these wounds except for his sharp filed teeth, which were noted in the autopsy report.
Can you imagine being the examiner trying to draw all these guy’s shitty tats?
So it appears that Paz really did eat his own arm. Thus ends the life of Paz, the misguided social reject who just craved a little attention. As for his girl Amber…

She was recently found guilty of second degree murder and given a 30-40 year prison sentence. It looks like the prison is feeding her well, girl got some canteen money!


-John Putignano, 2017




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